Agents and Stockists Lives’ Are Now In Good Hands, Ejen2u Plays Their Role




17 Sep, 2020

Seri Kembangan, 17 September,2020 – Becoming an agent or stockist for a certain product is one of the fastest ways to earn money, and is now gaining popularity among Malaysians, as they need a side income to survive in the recent global pandemic. However, it’s just a good income in a short period of time, and can change to a complete 180 degrees if business owners are unable to handle their agents and stockists properly. Ejen2u, the most comprehensive agent management platform in the market with a team of 20 years’ experience in the agentship industry, plays an amazing role in helping to enrich the informal economy.

Agents and stockists are now in a position to buy house, new car and settle their debts with the presence of Ejen2u, a cloud-based agent management platform with more than 23,000 agents in their system as of today. “Ejen2u is committed to enrich the lives of the informal economy, and some agents and stockists are now able to buy house, new car, and even settle their debts after using the system,” said Sheikh Ezaiddin Sheikh Mohd Mustaffa, CEO of Ejen2u International Sdn Bhd. The ability to provide an income statement for agents and stockists who use the system is one of the features that helps them to improve their lives.

Besides, business owners can now sit in relief with the aid of Ejen2 to digitally manage their agents and stockists, and help them scale up their business, resulting to an increase in their business performance. “It’s vital for business owners who have agents and stockists in their business to use a proper system to manage them, as this can affect their business efficiency,” he added. Ejen2u, recently awarded as the Top 5 Best Startups at the Selangor Accelerator Programme 2020 (SAP 2020) 3 rd Cohort, a top-tier accelerator programme to be an investor-ready startup company organized by the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC).


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