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Ejen2u Team Building: Focus To Grow Together

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The first ever team building session for Ejen2u have successfully been organized for 2 days and 1 night at D’Mass Villa, Hulu Langat,

“Hashtag sama sama naik!” was booming through the night near the warm pool of the villa.

The idea of “focus to grow together” has been the whole objective of Ejen2u’s first ever team building program. This event was organized for 2 days and 1 night, at D’Mass Villa, Hulu Langat. 23 team members was able to attend the event and gave all out throughout the program. Although the other 2 Indonesian members weren’t able to be there due to the CMCO, they were able to join one of our most important session throughout the event: The Town Hall Session.

The event was kickstart with a short ice breaking session to lighten up the mood. After that, the main sessions were mainly handled and instruct by our own Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), Tuan Haji Imran Hadi and his partner, Chief Communication Officer (CCO), Tuan Safian Mahmud.

Then the dinner that evening was served with a hot plate of barbeque grilled lambs, sausages and beef patties cooked by our own Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tuan Sheikh Ezaiddin. Soon after dinner, everyone started to get themselves ready for Maghrib and Isyak prayer and as well as ‘Doa Selamat”. A short ‘Tazkirah’ session was shared by our CVO, Tuan Haji Imran Hadi on Ramadhan and we immediately proceed to our next session called “Segalanya Bermula Disini” or more fondly can be interpret as a throwback session. The session also called out for each of the members to voice out their hopes and dreams for Ejen2u and themselves. The session has been nothing but uplifting. To know each members’ hopes and dreams have created this intimate bond between the team.

The night then ended with everyone circling around the pool and shouting Ejen2u’s core value together and immediately after that, the team jump into the pool together to celebrate the successful first day of the team building.

The second day started with a townhall session to align the company’s goal and an honest session was also conducted between team members and top managements which have also helped in reducing the gap between the different levels of authorities. Each department was also given 15 mins to present their quarterly report and share their next quarterly plan. The last session was a highly anticipated one, “FromMe2u”. FromMe2u is actually the same concept as secret santa. So gift exchanging was the best way to end the program.

Lastly, when asked the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tuan Sheikh Ezaiddin what he had hope for after the end of this team building program, he said “for starter, a better communication skill within department and between department. I hope that the team can talk to each other more openly and create a better and harmonious culture within the company.”

May He ease Ejen2u’s journey.

“Sama-Sama Naik”

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